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-Frost king incident
-She did not have vocabulary,she could not speak.She lived in a dark world and her inner soul and being cried for light wordlessly
-The media had put forward such question which made Helen sad and anguished at times.
-She could not see and do things,other normal girls and boys of her age could do.
-She lived in constant state of anger as she could not talk,which left deep scars in the hearts of whom she loved the most.
-She felt like a wrecked ship,tumbling and falling down almost everytime she hit a rock or an iceberg.
-She neither did possess a compass nor a sounding line,She did not know the way to the shore,nor did she have any means of knowing.
-However her problems ended when she met her soul mate,her mentor,her motherly figure,her teacher,and her friend.MISS SULLIVAN!
-Helen dint perceive ethical knowledge and thus was very naughty in her earlier days,pushed her baby sister of the cradle,locked miss Sullivan,pulled the servant girls hair.etc etc
-She did not know,what was wrong and right.Thus kept doing the bad ones fervently

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