Pentagular Tournament was played by five team the europeans,parsis ,the hindus,the muslims and the rest,which comprised all the communities left over such as the Indian Christian. The Pentagular Tournament was based on religions lines that favoured british policy of divide and rule. Gandhi ji strongly condemned the Pentagular Cricket Tournament as a communally divisive competition that was out of place in a time when a nationalist were trying to unite indians diverse population. The colonial state and its divisive conception of india was the rock on which the Pentagular Tournament was built. Hope this will help you
The Pentagular Tournament was a five -way cricket tournament held in Bombay from 1912 to 1936. The teams represented various racial and religious groups. Gandhi was a fan of cricket, but opposed the tournament for two reasons. The tournaments were being used as an entertainment to take peoples minds off the more important issue of home rule. The teams were organized along racial and religious lines: White, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Parsi. Gandhi felt that this division was part of the British "divide and rule" policy and wanted all Indians united against the colonial power.