Hii... i really need help... pls help...
so my question is:
how to write a c program to print pascal triangle using for loop ?
its output should be like this
2 1
3 2 1
4 3 2 1
5 4 3 2 1
pls guyzz i need to submit it tmrww...
thnx in advance

check my solution it is very brief. and it is easily understood.


long fact(int);
int main()
 int line,i,j;
    printf("Enter the no. of lines: ");
    printf(" ");
    printf("%ld ",fact(i)/(fact(j)*fact(i-j)));
    return 0;}
long fact(int num)
    long f=1;
       int i=1;
         f=f*i;         i++;  } 
 return f;

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2 4 2
but i hv one confusion , i need this only with for loop nd u hv usd while loop nd also wat abt dis fact...???
i'm just an amateur...
i just tried as i saw your question and I've got it!!
and i'll see if i could help u the way you want!!
thnk u so mch...!!!!
pls...... did u get the answer..???
what have you done? the pattern is not what you are printing.....

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#include <stdio.h>
  int row, H , j ;
      printf("Height of triangle:  "); 
      scanf("%d", &H);
      for (row=1; row <= H ; row++ )
             for (j = row; j >= 1 ; j--)      // print integers, starting from row number up to 1
                   printf("%d  ", j);

1 5 1
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