1 . Persome is a short tempered person and a innocent too , worries about his brother the bishop , as he is late to his home , the reason behind it was he was off to marie ( their maid ) 's home as her mom was not feeling well . persome claimed that the poor person pretend to be sick as to meet bishop and get money .

2 persome was also angry about the salt cellar which is made up of silver and which is sold by bishop to mere gringoire as she was not able to afford for her house rent . 

3 bishop meets a stranger who entered his house and he is a thief who was badly treated by the police in the prison , and now he was escaped from the prison and now he is meant to be a wild beast as he was very hungry and asked rudely for food from bishop . he was fed and the bishop tried to convert his soul but the thief was not ready to be believe in any religion . 

4 bishop asks his flashback how he was prison-ed he claimed that he ws from a poor family he and his wife was not able to afford for food and his wife fell sick so he did'nt have anymore choice so he stealed money to buy food but police caught him and punished and next day heard a news that his wife was not more .

5 bishop heared his story and felt sorry , now the  theif aimed to steal the bishop's candlesticks , but bishop noticed and said him that his mother gave him in her remembrance in her death . also when bishop was not in he stealed the candlesicks and ran away , the police caught him in suspection but the bishop said to the police that he was his friend and said him to release .

6 the theif realized his mistakes and got blessings from bishop but bishop gave his candlesticks to him to start a new life in Paris a she prisoner wished .
Simple is story about two man who make mistakes and who forgot mistake and help him
bishop :- kind heart man who help everyone
con:- who make so many mistakes in life after meet bishop and he became nice man
at end bishop blessing after he starts his new life