My favourite subject is science. I choose science instead of other subject because it makes people understand why this happen in their lives. Everything is science, we take in oxygen, science told us that why do we need oxygen and why do we do with it. Because of science we know the importance of things. Everybody wishes for new technology for themselves. We get familiar to new technologies through science only. Science is the most important part of studies. Science also helps in improving our drawing through diagrams. We know that earth has gravity and what is gravity only because of science. Today, we are able to visit new planets because of science and technology. We get know how organs work in our body and why do changes come in body because of science. We are able to seek reasons in our traditions only because of science. Science is a very important part of our life and I think that if there is no science then this modern life would be equal to the ancient life. we get to know about insects, animals and birds because of science. Thus I chosed science as my favourite subject.  

Hope it helps
its cool i like science to its my second favourite