Angiosperms are seed producing flowering plants whose seeds are enclosed in the ovary whereas Gymnosperms are seed producing non-flowering plants whose seeds are naked. Angiosperms are seasonal whereas Gymnosperms are evergreen. Angiosperms possess flowers which enclose the reproductive structures whereas in Gymnosperms the reproductive structures are present in cones. Angiospermic flowers can be unisexual or bisexual but Gymnospermic cones are unisexual. Angiosperms possess cotyledons whereas Gymnosperms do not have cotyledons. Seeds are enclosed inside the ovary that is a fruit in Angiosperms whereas seeds in Gymnosperms are bare found on cones. Wood is hard in Angiosperms whereas wood is soft in Gymnosperms. Angiosperms are non-perennial whereas Gymnosperms are perennial
Angiosperm means covered seed ,the seeds modified and became fruits . Plant embryo structure called cotyledons ,the cotyledons divided into two categories, they are monocot and dicot ,the monocot have single cotyledon and dicot have two or more cotyledons Gymnosperm-they have naked seed , they are perennial, evergreen and woody.
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