II. Given below are some sentences from the lesson. What do they tell us about Narayana Murthy's qualities? Use the adjectives given in the box to describe Murthy's character. You may also use some more adjectives you like.
bright shy introverted hardworking simple
uncompromising philosophical encouraging

Sl.No. Sentences from the lesson Aspects of Murthy's character
1 His seniors used to ask him to solve their difficulties in science.
2 He was a guide for the others.
3 While others struggle to solve the problems in the question papers, he would smile shyly and solve them in no time.
4 His principle was never to hurt anyone.
5 He did not reply. He never shared his unhappiness or helplessness with anybody.
6 He went to station to say goodbye and good luck to them for their future life.
7 He never used the help of any caste, community or political connections to go up in life.
8 He built a team of people who were equally good.



1. bright.
2. hard working.
3. shy.
4. philosophical.
5. introverted.
6. encouraging.
7. simple.
8. uncompromising.

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