Hii guyzz!! i want your help i am going to 1 competition and i want very easy kalamkari drawing on paper i want some pictures made by you or from internet or from a book i don't mind but i want some pictures to practice i hope you all will help me. thank you please give me answer fast i wana practice it.



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This are some simple drawings
u can draw this
hope that it will help u
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ya! :D
now is it ok
ya thanks the 3rd one is nice thank you :)
is it ok
ya it's good!
Here r some easy designs
hope it helps  : )
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han please
sorry thats the max no. of images its taking : (
ohh... so, can you give me in mssg box?
how do i send them :((((((
w8 1st i will send you friend request then you send me okay?