I luv my mom for everything she has done for me
the one person i cant stand to see cry is my mom cause she is like my whole universe. 
i belive in love at first sight cause im in luv with my mom since i opened my eyes
my mom is the most priceless gift that god has ever given me in my life cause there's no one in the world than can never ever raplace my mom
my moms luv is forgiving and patient when all others r forsaking cause it never fails or falters even when its breaking
im a person who doesnt like to go away especially from my mom
so for me home is where my mom lives whether its heaven or hell

thnkew so much...u helped me a lot
u r welcome
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“Mother” – such a lovely word. A symbol of love and care. No one can take the place of the mother. An innocent child smiling the moment he or she sees mother. Mother is like another God on earth. God cannot take care of each one of us. So he gave us mothers. A mother’s arms are always open for her children, no matter how big they are. If we ask people around us whom they love most in their life, the answer will be “my mother”. A mother is a bundle of joy and love. We fight with our mothers, shout at them, hurt them but a mother can never bear to see the eyes of her child moisten. Mother is the first person comes to a child’s life. Mother is teacher, a guardian and friend for her child.