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There are three heat zones . They are also called temperature zones or climatic belts as bounded by the five important latitudes and the poles .
Torrid or Tropical zone : it stretches between the Tropic of Cancer and the tropic of capricon . This region gets vertical rays of the sun throughout the year . It is a very warm zone also known as the Torrid zone .
Temperate zone : it lies in the northern hemisphere between the tropic of cancer and the arctic circle and another in southern hemisphere between the tropic of capricon  and the antarctic circle .
Polar or Frigid zone : it lies between the arctic circle  and the north pole and another in the southern hemisphere extending from the antarctic circle to the south pole.
Heat zones:-
This is one of the zone of earth.
this was first found by Greek scholar aristotle
this is also known as torrid zone
this lies in the tropic of Capricorn and cancer