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Prahlad the son of the demon hiranyakashyap was a great devotee of lord narayana.hiranyakashyap being a king of demons can't digest prahlad to be a devotee of lord narayana.he tried several ways to kill his son prahlad but each n every time lord narayana saved prahlad. so one fine day he called his sister holika who is also a demon and said holika to sit in a blazing fire along with hiranyakashyap's son prahlad.holika did wat her brother said she sat in a blazing fire along with prahlad.but prahlad kept chanting the name of lord narayana.holika got burnt in the fire and died but there was no single scratch on prahlad's body he came out unharmed by the grace of lord narayana. This is the main history of holi and on this day we believe that all the evil will be faded away and there will be only good in this holika(evil) was burnt into ashes. And we celebrate holi as a festival of victory over evil. So we play with the colours we got victory over evil and the total evil will be disappearing.and on this day we lit bonfires in the night by that we will be free from diseases and well be becoming more energetic. Hope this helps u.
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