something which is difficult or impossible to understand or  explain is called a mystery. The idea of mystery motivates the production of knowledge, or at least of inquiry. Mystery drives investigation and plots the contours of discourse. it determine the clues, traces, that one follows. At the same time, the status of mystery qua mystery lies beyond the field is inquiry. it is that which by definition is unsay able. it signifies the value of knowledge that surpasses human reason and hovers somewhere beyond the limits of current human knowledge. In order to qualify as mystery it has to remain unknown or else it becomes something other than mystery    
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A normal situation which is difficult to be understood by a commen man is called a mystery,how much ever a person tries to solve he keep's on thinking and end up only thinking,these types problems are difficult to be faced and also to sole them people need to think a lot and have some sought of knowledge about everything.a mystery is that thing which occurs suddenly without anyones knowledge and needed to be solved to find the reason behind it.actually for some people it is really funny and enjoyable and for some people it is terrifying
but till know there is no clarity that what is the real meaning of mystery
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