A) What is meant by biodiversity? List two advantages of conserving forest and wild life. b) Why is government of India imposing a ban on the use of polythene bags? c) Suggest two alternatives to these bags and explain how this ban is likely to improve the environment.



Biodiversity is the degree of variation of life forms or the variety of living  organisms within a ecosystem which can be aquatic or terrestrial  ecosystem .

we should conserve wildlife for the following reasons :
for protecting the biodiversity
to maintain natural beauty
some wildlife is necessary for the survival of animals
we depend upon them for food,clothing ,medicine and many other purposes.
we also use wildlife for research work

we must restrict the use of polythene as it is a non biodegradable material.polythene clogs the drain and polluts the environment.if it is ingested by animals , it is harmful to their health and can cause the death of cattle.polythene bags suffocate the environment.

carry clothe bags when u go for shopping
reuse paper bags and recycle old dresses for making them into carry bags