Admit it most of the time teenager's are misunderstood
and i was i also one such victim
once i was going to save my grandma who was having some heart pain suddenly and she feel down and at the same time due to her falling down the oil bottle which was kept near her hand also feel down and the whole room was split with the oil
then when my parent's came that i was the one who did this mischief and made my grandma fall down

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It not only happens with teenagers, but also with all groups of people. But when that happens in teenage period, the pain gets fixed deep inside your heart. Even I had an incident. It happened in my school. One of my friend X ( whom I don't want to name on) took me along just to talk with his friend who was obviously a girl. The matter why he asked my company was that others might mistake when a girl and boy talk together in school. So I was with him . Well,we were not aware of the fact that cameras were functioning in our school and for our bad luck our principal was watching us lively. But he could see only me and the girl from that particular angle. He made an announcement for that girl and me to meet him. So we guessed that we got caught. Well....the guy X was so tensed that he wanted me not to tell his name. I was totally amazed on how he got changed. In that pain and agony I told principal that it was me who asked the girl to come up on. Even that girl was do eager to get out of the trouble. So it was like I got completely inside that trouble. I was given warning by principal. From that day onwards I never talked with X . Everyone still believe that I was actually the culprit.
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