Once upone a time in jungle there was a lion who every day come and eat animals so some animals think to talk to him they go and talk to him they tell him "we send an animal each day to you" then the lion sayed "ok" us this going on animals send one animal each day to him once a rabbit think that if we regularly send animal to that lion there was no animal left in jungle so rabbit is sharped mind he goes to the lion "lion angry" and say "what a littel rabbit what the joke with me" the rabbit says to him we are 6 rabbit send to you there was one more lion in jungle he eat five of them i just run from him "lion angry" he tell to the rabbit to take him to the another lion rabiit take him to a well in angryness lion doesent think its his shadow and jump in well the lion died all animals live happily in jungle now
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Once in a jungle, there lived a cruel lion. He was  the king of the jungle and dominated everyone. He killed the animals cruelly. One day all other other animals went to the wise old owl to seek his advice. The owl adviced them o go and talk to the lion and tell him if he goes on killing them in that manner then one day no animal will be left in the jungle. Instead of that wasn't it better that each day one of them came to him to become his prey. The lion seemed to be very pleased ogf this idea. From the next day onward the cycle started. Each day, one of the animal was becoming the lion's prey. A week was over. It was a young rabbit's turn to become his prey that day. The rabbit was very clever. He though " there is a need to stop this. I HAVE  to do something.
He was on his way to the lion's cave when he came across a well. A plan formed in his mind. He took some time to reach the cave. When the loin saw him there he asked, " What took you so long?"
"i'm sorry, ypur majesty, " the rabbit answered. "You see there was another lion in the forest near that well, he stopped me and asked me to become his prey. But I refuse. I told him that I'll only be His Majesty's prey. After hearing this he attacked me. It's good that I can run fast. I ran and ran and ran and then I came here. I think he's still chasing me. Please save me your majesty."
The lion roared in anger. He told; "take me to him. Who is he to meddle with my prey?"
they reached the well and the rabbit told him to look inside. That was where the lion lived (according to the rabbit)
As soon as the lion looked down, the rabbit gave a huge tug. The lion fell in the well and was drowned. He was gone for good, forever. All was well!