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We know that cos x + i.sinX = e^{i.X}

Now lets take a clean and easy value of x which clears out all values except for the one which has i in it
So lets take x =    \frac{\pi}{2}

Now we get

i = e^{i   \frac{ \pi }{2} }

Raise both sides to The power of i 

i^i = {e^{i \frac{ \pi }{2} }}^i

i ^i= e^{i \frac{ \pi }{2} .i}

i ^i= e^{- \frac{ \pi }{2} }

Punch the value into a scientific calc

i ^i= e^{- \frac{ \pi }{2} }= 0.207<span>

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What is e and plz give the definition !
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The actual definition is
the transcendental number that is the base of Napierian or natural logarithms, approximately equal to 2.71828.
It is the LIMIT of (1 + 1/n) as x->∞