1 ) pinna - collects sounds and tunnels them in to the auditory canal 2 ) Auditory canal - connects the outer war with the eardrum 3 ) Eardrum - the beginning of the middle ear and is made of a thin sheet of muscle and skin that vibrates in response to sounds . Vibrations are passed to the Ossicles 4 ) Earcanal - the narrow passage through which sound enyewts into the ear
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Pinna : collects the vibrations from the source to the listener
eardrum :vibrates at the same frequency as of the vibrations and transmits the vibrations onto the 3 bones
anvil,stirrup &hammer : the 3 bones vibrate at at the same frequency and transmit it to the cochlea.
Auditory nerve : it transmits the sound signals to the brain and we then hear the sound