discipline is very important in our life as we can say that a person is only succesfull when he or she is in discipline and discipline is the key of success we start to follow discipline not from our schools but from our house if we are in discipline then everyone respect us .
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discipline is the only way for every human being to reach success. we should give our highest priority to it as it is the most important thing which decides our whole life. it is very advantageous for us in many ways . they are :
1)discipline helps us in being fit
2) it helps us in managing our regular time table
3)it also helps in achieveing our own desires

Discipline means training of our mind and character

there is a need and importance of discipline in our life. in our homes, in schools, playground everywhere discipline is important. the absence of discipline is disorder and chaos. there are some rules that control our activities. if we do not respect these rules our life is like a boat without boatman if we live in discipline so that everybody can proud of us.