Text, " under the guise of religion " law student and devious tactics to expose the motives of those who under the guise of religion from the public waiting for an opportunity to prove themselves live in Ldhakr selfish . He said some of the clever name of religion for their own interests to an ordinary man keep fighting . Ordinary man always thinks it is reasonable to give up life in the name of religion .

Pashcty countries by funding people are subdued, the work is done without the clutter. Crooked people in our country with a curtain on the wisdom of God and the Spirit to take my place and religion, in the name of faith and people live together Bhidhate continue running their business. To prevent this horrific trade industry with courage and perseverance, we should do. Forcing one's religion in a religious celebrants Adhate leg work, it is considered contrary to freedom.

  The day in the country's freedom struggle against the Mulla and spaced Dharmacharyon fruit of the day was the worst sin which we are suffering today. According to the author playing conch, nose clamp and praying is not religion. Suddhacrn religion and morality are trademarks. After you bribe God throughout the day are not free to foul. That religion can not be pregnant. These are good people who are atheists.
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