I'm a person who cares a lot about my childhood memories or imprints in my brain.whether its a happy one or a sad one.i used to think about my childhood days that were a lot easier and i even pray to god to make the time travel backwards so that i could again live in that moment.the first and foremost thing that comes into my mind when i rewind is was like i could spent day and night even without knowing what happend around favourites were and still  are the mask , indian shakthiman and the all time favourite tom and that comes into my mind are tazoos.i was so craze about them that i used to buy cheetos ony for that and that too in every week.i love to play with beyblade.pen fight is my school pass time game even today.i liked to pay flames to test frendship.i love to peel off the dry fevicol from my hand.i even read comics and went for cycling with my friends.i seriously miss hide and seek.

these are pretty much of my childhood memories

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childhood memories is the most important and most memorable time of any person it might even be me or even you. we all enjoy a lot in childhood a lot by playing different kinds of games and even by doing many of the mischievous things like eating chocolates from fridge with out informing any one about it and even going out and playing with friends with out informing parents and even throwing remote of the television and even throwing mom and even dad's mobile phone. in childhood time we used to play many unknown games with all our friends. we all love childhood and it's memories. while we are small we will enjoy a lot when compared to any one of other time in our life. childhood is really a awesome time for everyone including everyone even it is prime minister of America also or even you. childhood memories are very sweet when we recollect them. every time I recollect my childhood memories I fell awesome and I can't believe myself that I've enjoyed that much.