In order to overcome the limitations of ruherford model,in 1913,Niels Bohr put forward a thought that electrons can be found only in certain energy levels, or regions,around the nucleus.electrons must gain energy to move to a higher energy level or they must lose energy to move to a Lower level. 1:only certain special,discrete orbits of electrons are allowed inside the atom.these orbits or shells are called energy levels. 2:while revolving in these discrete orbits the electrons do not radiate energy and this helps that the electrons do not crash into the nucleus. 3:these orbits or shells are represented by the letters K,L,M,N....or the numbers,N=1,2,3,.......
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He proposed that

(a) Electrons revolve round the nucleus in a fixed orbit.

(b) He called these orbits as ‘stationary orbit’.

(c) Each stationary orbit is associated with fixed amount of energy, thus electrons do not radiate energy as long as they keep on revolving around the nucleus in fixed orbit.

The circular path around the nucleus is called orbit, energy level or shell. Energy level are represented by letter – K, L, M, N, …. and so on.

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