Rearrange the following in the correct sequence to accomplish a biotechnological reaction: vitro synthesis of dna of interest b...chemically synthesized oligonucleotides c...enzyme dna polymerase d...complementary region of dna e...genomic dna template f....nucleotides g...primers h...thermostable dna polymerase i...denaturation of dna plsss reply fast...urgent



The sequence is as follows:
 first is denaturation in which the temperature is raised so that the double stranded DNA gets separated.
the second step is annealing where temperature is decreased  so that primers , chemically synthesised oligonucleotides can to both the strands and allows them to base pair with the complimentary strand pairs.
the third step is elongation where taq polymerase enzyme is added to the reaction that helps in the elongation of the nascent strand.this step also includes addition of ntp's