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A) Alteration of habitat: Destruction of the habitat of a particular wildlife species intentionally or unintentionally leads to extinction of species.

b) Commercial sport and subsistence, hunting: Nature has great diversity. It is created, over many millions of years, a large number of species of plants and animals. But it is man who is responsible for the extinction of plant and animal species either directly or indirectly.

c) Introduction of foreign species: The introduction of foreign or alien species into new territories can often lead to ecological and economic disaster.

d) Control of pests and predators: Human beings generally remove the strongest specimens. Such predation will diminish the genetic vigor of a population.

e) Collection for zoos, private collections and research:  Animals and plants are gathered throughout the world for zoos, private collectors and researchers in biology and medicine. even this leads to their extinction.

f) Pollution: Pollution alters the habitat of plants and animals and plays a significant role in extinction.
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The growth of the human population has led to the destruction of many animal habitats. As forests are cut down to make room for new homes and developments, animals are left with nowhere to live. If they cannot find another suitable area to live, many species face extinction.

Overfishing and unregulated hunting caused many animal species, such as the wild buffalo, to disappear. Several states and countries have now placed limits on the hunting of endangered or high risk species to prevent this problem.Increasing population growth, pollution, uses of fertilizers etc in agriculture are the causes of extinction of wildlife species.

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