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When you dine at an Indian-Chinese restaurant,you first think of vegetarian hakka noodles.YUM!
Also munchurian is our favourite,we know it all.Devouring these savours in the road side...remember?AWHH love it!pure love!The lava cake...yesh!!

Also,italian and french never cease to amaze with their creme brule,caramel.Their chocolate cake,cheese cake.Mhmm, mouth watering dishes....
The news read ---There's something about those slippery, carb-filled, twisted strings that we all love to hold between our tongue.
The pasta,our everyday meal has won the Indian hearts for over a decade now.
But it is high time,we pay more attention to our traditional food
Our Idli,sambhar,dosa,chutney,tandoori chicken,butter naan,oily jalebis makkhan maar ke chapathi,parathas.... Mmm Our india doesnt lag behind in any
How we are fond of our Mumbai's paav bhaji.
Chennai's chicken biriyani, delhi's paani puri.
We have forgotten our healthy yet delicious cuisines.So,start devouring these Beautiful indian dishes along with continental.