India, is a place where there are lots of people in help, they need money to live. They take up small jobs as being a rickshaawala, autodriver etc. 
Some poin ts to show the way we treat them.

1. some people are very rude to these people, and sometimes even beat them.

2. During Holi week these rickshawaalas are drenched in water causing them to fall sick.

3. On the road, when your car stops, these beggers, who sometimes might beg for money from you. But you just shoo them away in a very rude gestuire.

4. People are illegaly hurting these poor people. Instead of giving them shelter somewhere you just walk away without even NOTICING! If that person was you then how would u feel!

so i say soften your heart and atleast help the poor a little......

Nice answer... especially that last line...
thank you
inequalities in india are based on caste and income levels...
read the question first raju!