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Children - they love to play. Games play an important role in the development of a child's attitude. It's said that we can understand how a child will be when he grows up by simply watching his games for some time. The way he plays them, the way he interacts between his friends in plays tell us how that child will grow up. When a child cries for his failures, that one must be really soft hearted. We must provided with additional cares for him. Because , other wise he wont be able to identify the fact that world is made of sorrows and happiness. He wont be able to digest that reality. If a child fights for victory harming others, then he will be having a mentalty to go through wrong means in order to achieve his needs. So we must decide games for child through which we can identify his character. Because it will be more easy to change ones character when he is in tender age than when he matures. In addition we must also provide games that helps him to grow his physical strength
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-Kids love color and fun.
-In order to make the kids study you have to add color to their study.
-Studying outdoors will keep em active and curious.
-Study has to be more play than work.
-Do not nag them,for whatever they studied the previous day.
-Keep them in touch with the nature.
-Instead of running and playing,keep them in touch with brain games such as sudoku.
-Encourage them to do drama,sing,dance.
-One in a while,let them be on their own.
-Try to bring out their skills.