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We have been learning since primary that the sum of any odd numbers taken odd times is never even.
Eg : 1 +7+3+5+7 = 23
Is 23 even ? Nope! Its not.
Similarly, sum of any odd numbers taken at odd times cannot be even, its always odd.You can't change a maths rule alright, you can't say 1+1 = 5.Is it ? No, its not

And yeah,for general knowledge, this is one question that has been forwarded in the social media to fool people and yes people are befooled.They are misunderstanding primary maths.
So, better you don't get fooled because I believe you know maths :)
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There is a way .... using factorial method ....... i.e. = 3!+13+11 = (3×2×1) +13+11 = 30
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