Now within 21st century every countries depend onto others towards exist as a nation because today every countries without exception they need the products of others countries as raw material or products for that civilians need for this reason the earth is within a steady economy and shift power towards grow this civilians need a international language towards ease these shifts, a international language may be English because this is the most contemplated language and is the language of the former earth power. A International Language would assist many businesses, population and places to be able to accomplish more efficient way all money transactions necessary for the proper running of a business or countryside, where it would be very useful for all population to acquaintance with each others without translators assist, English as a International language is the language that advanced fit because this is world most spoken language on earth. Although some people believe that having a International language would origin a misplace in the authenticity of a homeland since not all countries in the world talk English so if a homeland adopt English may cause a lose of the traditions and heritage of each country since the adoption of English language in a way we would be taking up the culture of the homeland of origin of the language. In short learning an international language like English would be an honest strategy to facilitate trade negotiations with other countries at the same time everyone in the world could communicate to each other. In my opinion learning English as an international language should be learned from countries that do not speak English as a second language or learn as a foreign language but never losing their mother tongue.