Seeds usually spread to far off place by following three meathods
1.AIR:with strong winds the lighter seed flyoff to far off places
2.WATER:when seeds fall in to water bodies they float away along with the waves
3.ANIMALS:some animals like squirell pluck the seeds and foget it at some place.
Nature has its own ways of giving new live.......hope the answer helped...!!! :)

Dispersal of seeds take place in the following ways:-
1.wind-some seeds that are light in weight can be dispersed by the action      off wind.
2.water-some seeds are dispersed from water which are light weighed and     hollow and can float in water.
3.animals and birds-some animals eat seeds of plants which stick to their coat and reach to far off places.birds eat seeds.the remains of seeds are found in their droppings from which new plants grow.