The 'camel' is a large animal. It has a high hump. It has very tall legs and a long neck. It has a very big bag in his stomach. It is called 'the ship of the desert'. 

The camel is a very useful animal. It is very obedient and well known for its patience. It can walk and run easily in the desert. It stores water and food in the hump. So it can stay without water and food for many days. It carries load and draws carts. It is also used for ploughing the field and drawing water. 
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 The camel is a large four-footed animal. It looks ugly. Its body covered with short brown fur. Its head is long and slender. Its feet are flat, so they do not sink in the sand. The hump grows big when it eats well and becomes small when goes without food.The camel is found in desert land. It is mostly found in Arabian and Africa. The Arabian camels are most famous. The camel lives on grass and trees. It is fond of thorny shrubs of desert.
The camel is very meek and mild. It is obedient to its master. It has a bladder in its throat. It stores up water in it to last for a week or so. So it can go without water for days together. It can go without food for even fifteen days or more. It can get scent of water from a great distance. It can get scent of sand storm. It is very hard working beast. It chews the cud like the cow. It gives birth to one or two young ones at a time.The camel is the most useful animal to people of the desert. They can not do without it. To an Arab it is a sacred animal. It feed and cloths him. It carries him and his loads on its back. It is the only animal that can cross the desert with heavy loads and men on its back. It is, therefore called ‘the ship of the desert’.On the desert without way, food, water, grass, trees and plants, men’s greatest friend is the camel.
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