If the square root of the number doesn't come in decimal is known as perfect square number.
im not saying to mention all the number,,,,im just asking u give basic idea
Look numbers like 7,13,11 etc. Have their roots in points these are NOT PERFECT SQUARE NUMBERS
whereas numbers like 4,9,16,25 etc. Don't have their roots in decimal and are known as PERFECT SQUARE NUMBER
i understand what u are trying to say...but you are talking about integer only not decimal perfect square
anyway ..thanks :)
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Do prime factorization or simple factorization of any number, and if all the factors come in pair, then that will be perfect square.
For example,
16= 2×2×2×2 = 2²×2² = two pairs of factor 2
0.25 = 0.5×0.5 = one pair of factor 0.5
441 = 3×3×7×7 = one pair of factor 3 and one pair of 7
84= 2×2×3×7 = one pair of factor 2 but factor 3 and 7 are not in pair, so 84 is not perfect square.
and so on.