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Candlepower (abbreviated as cp) is an obsolete unit expressing luminous intensity, equal to 0.981 candela. It expresses levels of light intensity in terms of the light emitted by a candle of specific size and constituents. In modern usage candlepower equates directly to the unit known as the candela.The term candlepower was originally defined in England by the Metropolitan Gas Act 1860 as the light produced by a pure spermaceticandle weighing one sixth of a pound and burning at a rate of 120 grains per hour. Spermaceti is found in the heads of sperm whales, and was once used to make high-quality candles.
Balloon in a Candle Flame!
In this experiment, you'll learn how to insert a balloon directly into a candle flame without the balloon bursting!
Summary of this Experiment:  An ordinary balloon if inserted into a candle flame will burst immediately because the heat of the candle will melt the rubber and cause the balloon to pop.  
Here you'll learn how to make a simple modification to the balloon that will allow you to place it in direct contact with the flame and the inflated balloon will not burst.  In the process, you'll learn about heat conduction and how we can use the properties of heat transfer to prevent the balloon from bursting.

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