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Harold is a child prodigy,at a very small age he had won lorals to himself and his family.His Dad is a boxer,which is suspiciously kept hidden from Harold.
He known his father to be a commercial traveler than the famous professional boxer.Mr.Bramble was going to give up his job for his son.Bill Bramble was  to have his last fight, the twenty-round contest with American Murphy at the National Sporting Club, for which he was training at the White Hart.Then,Bill Bramble decides not to go for it.Although his wife tries to make up his mind.
If he won the tournament he would be given a wholesome.Even if he lost,he would be given some amount. Bill Bramble was supposed to win five hundred pounds, and one hundred and twenty, even if he lost. At this point,Harold enters the scene where all the members in the house were fighting over the same.Mr.Jerry Fisher,bramble's trainer felt betrayed and spilled the beans to Harold.
When Harold comes to know that his father was Young Porky,he was exceptionally delighted.First,he was enraged that his parents had hidden it from him.Later,his words encouraged Mr.Bramble to continue his job.He is convinced that it would affect his education in any way

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