my greatest service to my mother land  
                          Everyone tries to do some or the other service to our country in any aspect that is possible for us. Being a student and a responsible child of my mother land I would always try to something good by that my mother land should raise it's head up with proud. I will not let any one to spoil my mother land's respect and that independence. I will forever respect my motherland until my last minute. My motherland will be a great place ever when we all the children of our mother land would all good to it, instead do something wrong and let others to point out our mother land for mistakes. My mother land is rich in culture and even tradition. I will forever and ever conserve this rich culture and tradition and I won't let other western culture to take the place of my culture and traditions. I will help everyone in this world not only the ones in my mother land but others also. I will do many good services to my mother land to develop it a lot but not for fame and name. All the children of my mother land will forever and ever love, take care, respect our country and we will not ever make something wrong that will spoil the good name of my mother land. My mother land was ruled by many emperors, kingdoms, kings / ruler and even many other country's. All of them even looted us, discriminated us and many other things they've done to us which made our mother land to fall in many crisis or even other problems. My mother land is rich in all the minerals and all mines like gold, coal etc.I will even ensure that these minerals aren't exploited and even they are saved for our future generation who will stay in my mother land. I will always thank god to make a part of my mother land which is really a awesome thing for me. My motherland is always great and even will be great because we the children of my mother land are always there for our mother land even our mother land is always there for us. I will always try to respect my mother land when ever it is and even where ever it is. My mother land gave birth to many of the freedom fighters and even great people like Mahatma Gandhi, Subas Chandra Bose, Abdul kalam etc. and even it will be giving a good life to many good and awesome people who will transform our mother land a lot. There are many countries who always speak about the greatness of our motherland and even about we the children of our mother land. We need to be proud and even thankful to our mother land because it has provided us everything including the food we eat is cultivated in our mother land itself and the clothes we wear are manufactured in out mother land it self we need to be really thank full towards our mother land and even the great freedom fighters who struggled a lot for the freedom for their future generation i.e. our generation. Hence I conclude the respecting and thanking my mother land would be the greatest service that I can provide to my mother land always until my last breath.
" Proud to be a child of my mother land India "
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