Recycling is the process of transforming wastes articles  into useful products. This process is highly beneficial to to our environment.This process reduces the amount of waste generated. Thereby, preventing the collection of huge piles of waste in barren lands. It also prevents pollution and hence it is a very environment friendly process.for instance, recycling of plastics is a very desirable plastics, as it renders two advantages. first of all it reduces the production of new plastics and then it also prevents the degradation of land and also the contamination of water. It also saves the natural resources as there are raw materials required for this process.It also reduces green house gas emissions that contribute to global climatic change. It also performs a very vital role in sustaining the environment for future generations. This process also acts as a part and parcel in creating employment in the manufacturing industries. Recycling is also one of the 3Rs. every litre of waste water discharged by our industry pollutes eight times the quantity of freshwater. hence recycling overcomes this problem. Thus we should promote and practice recycling because the resources saved is the resources produced