A person cannot be judged by the awkward appearance as a book cannot be judged by its cover both the boys wore untidy dress and looked shabby but the authors interest on them increased on finding them indulging in all sorts of work given to them they were ready to handle any work given to them and completed it with full dedication their sincerity and devotion to the jobs impressed the author they did all kinds of jobs for their sisters treatment they earned much a lot of profit from the job they did but didn't use them for themselves but used it for their sisters treatment they showed maturity that was far behind their age these qualities shown by the boys made the narrator to give the title two gentlemen of Verona
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Jacopo and Nicola are indeed the gentlemen of Verona because instead of  earning a living through immoral practices, they decided to earn their daily bread by standing on their own feet. Both of them are selfless and shows selflessness and reflects great dignity in their behaviour. They were deeply devoted to save their sister from the clutches of her illness. In their earnest endeavour, they became role models and epitomes of sacrifice who can enlighten the path for rest of the humanity to follow.
Hence its no wonder when we call them the two gentlemen of Verona.