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• Autosomes are homologous chromosomal pairs and sex chromosomes are partially homologous chromosomal pairs.

• Sex chromosomes involve in sex determination and autosomes do not involve in sex determination.

• In sex chromosomes, Y chromosome is shorter and in autosomal pairs both the chromosomes are of the same height.

• In sex chromosomal pair, the position of the centromere may not be the same and, in autosomal pairs, the position of the centromere is the same.

For instance in man there are 46 chromosomes in which 44 chromosomes are the autosomes and 2 chromosomes are the sex choromosomes.

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This is because of a crucuial difference between the paired sex chromosomes andd the other pairs of chromosomes (called autosomes). The members of the autosomes pairs are truly homopogus,that is,each member of a pair contains a full complement of the same genes(albeit,perhaps different allelic forms).
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