Make wh questions corresponding to the italic parts in the following sentences: she has two sister. I go to bed by 11'o clock. history is my favourite subject. she lives in Gurgaon. I got late because of the traffic jam. I kept the money in the box

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1)who has two siblings?
2)at what time do  you go to bed?
3)which is your favorite subject?
5)where does she live?
6)why are you late?
7)where did you keep the money?
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1. how many sisters does she have?
     who has two sisters?
2. who goes to bed by 11'o clock?
3. what's your favorite subject?
    what's my favorite subject?
4. where does she live?
5. who got late because of traffic jam?
6. who kept the money in the box?
     where did i/you keep the money?
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