Gender discrimination is taking place in every corner of the society especially in the male dominating society. From the childhood the children become aware of their sex. The girls are schooled to be soft and obedient and the boys are told to be tough and dominating. The boys are told not to cry and are given guns and cars as toys whereas the girls are given dolls and doll houses so that they can maintain the traditional concept of becoming housewife. In some societies blue is recognized as boy's colour and pink is recognized as feminine colour.
Even though women work hard as much as their male counterparts but they do not get adequate share and equal respect in the society, But now it is our time to change this concepts. We must strongly protest on Gender Discrimination for the proper development of the country.

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Gender discrimination is the treatment of women and men in a different way in the society or family publicly or in private. Since ancient times women had been given a less powerful or useful role in the society. Their word and decisions were not weighed equally on par with that of men.

During the 21st century the situation has improved a lot. The government has made a number of ordinances to eradicate the discrimination. Governemtn also has special schemes to uplift the status of women in the society.

Long ago having a girl child was treated as a loss to the family and to the parents. Now there are many schemes by government for female children to be educated freely along with other benefits.

Women in India have made a great progress in their roles at home, and inthe society. Women have captured even the highest office in India.  Many well known scientists to wngineers, politicians to civil administrators, singers to dancers are women. They have a special place in the heart of men today, not only in India but all over the entire world.