Suresh, a young teenage was walking in the market. He found an umbrella lying on the floor. He picked it up and went to the nearby Police Station. There he saw an old man fuming in rage. He had lost his umbrella! He saw Suresh holding an umbrella which was unfortunately, the old man's! The old man shouted 'Hey! You little thief. How dare you steal my umbrella!'  Suresh tried to explain what had happened, but the old man didn't let him speak. The police officer decided to put Suresh in jail! Suresh tried to tell the officer that he was innocent but the officer said, 'don't try to fool me, everyone says that to get free! i am calling your parents,' When Suresh's parents arrived they were dissappointed to see their son in jail. Suresh finally explained the whole matter and was set free. the next day he returned that umbrella to the old man.