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Examination is a great botheration to the indian nation whose occupation is cultivation.
Students have enjoyed their academic year and have sincerely started preparing for their tests.
Our students can achieve any millennium even in limited time frame.
Since all the syllabus has to completed and revised again and again repeatedly.Students have begun to be agitated and stressful.
Request them to be calm and cool and do their exams well

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truely, examinations have become a great stress for students as well as their parents.

today, the curriculum is too vast and the students find themselves overburdened and depressed at all times, mainly near the exams.

due to huge peer and parental pressure, high expectations of parents as well as students, tough competition to excel, evaluation of student on marks basis has contributed significantly to increase suicide cases in recent times.

near the time of exams, the students mould their time table giving no place to sports, recreation, playing, entertainment which is the open testimony of increasing stress of exams on young buds.

hence it has become today's pressing need to make certain meaningful and helpful changes in this mode of evaluation.


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