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Poaching is banned.
Entertaining elephants in circuses should be shunned.
Buying ivory should be halted.
Street dogs should be taken care and reported to the blue cross.
Extinct species should be look after-ed with great care.

Ameen-Hey,the question about cruelty to animals in context with ancient mariner and the snake was very tough.How was your exam??

Zahid- Indeed,mine went quite well.But being animal lover, I hate how elephants are made to entertain in the circuses.

Ameen-Haha,yes but they sure do entertain us na...and we pay for them.

Zahid - Dont be rude.Ofcourse we pay.But do you think they are given their rights?and given enough food and care?

Ameen - Its melancholy as they are made to do hard work.Feel very bad for them.

Zahid - Its high time we start paying for our misdeeds.It is not the right time to take pity and sympathise.

Ameen - Yes,we should take appropriate steps to prevent this.I will collect information on such circuses.You talk to your father to help you out.

Zahid - I feel good,since we are doing something for those poor,who cannot speak up for themselves. Lets take a pledge.

Ameen and Zahid - We will voice their concerns and prevent their being harmed or poached.Not only elephants,we will also look to that not a species becomes extinct.We will do our besht

                                             JAI HIND