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Practice before the mirror.
Practice before your friends,family,relatives and teachers.
Points to be noted in a small piece of paper,so as to not stammer while presenting.
Make sure you have prepared and memorised all your points.They should be genuine.
Check your pronunciation,refer a dictionary in this case.


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Panicking while giving a public presentation is quite common. Mostly while presenting in a sum people becomes difficult because of the fear of doing mistakes.So, just kick this feeling out. Let mistakes happen, after all no one is so perfect, are they? Nextly, just relax think positive like the audience will enjoy and they'll because you're prepared. Calm yourself.Prepare your best as it reduces tension before presentation. Do not leave it until the last minute to get ready for your speech. Be natural and interesting.Introduce yourself properly and be ready for mistakes as it can never goes perfect.But don't worry as the ability to take it in your stride will endear you to your audience.