The song of the rain, it talks about mother nature basically, where the silver threads are the rain , and it helps the land, the rain is sent by the gods above, and a messenger of lovers (the land and sky) , typically its about water cycle.
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Rain is a divine gift of God and it proves very blessed for the dry and needy earth. One of the most divine manifestations of nature, it spreads joy and freshness all around. It beautifies, adorns and revive fields, trees, flowers and spreads life everywhere. Its droplets are like shimmering pearls and jewels from God’s crown. It gives joy in all forms, the thunder announces its arrival and the rainbow signifies its departure. Rain cements the relationship of love between the fields and the clouds. It takes birth from the depth of the sea, forms clouds and its cycle completes the full circle when it descends down in a million little ways. The arrival of the rain is like a welcome song, beating softly on the windows. All in all, rain has a multidimensional personality. It is born out of sighs, spreads laughter and descends like tears. It ties the earth and heaven in a spiritual bond, like a God, granting all wishes. Hope I helped u.. Plz mark as the BRAINLIEST answer..
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