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Evaporation : This the phase transition from liquid state to gaseous state, when it occurs at a termperature below the boiling point of liquid (at a given pressure). As opposed to this, Boiling is the process when vaporisation occurs at temperatures above the boiling point.

Condensation: when a material transforms into a liquid form from gaseous form. The opposite of evaporation or vaporisation.  The gas is cooled in order to condense. WHen a gas/vapor meets a surface wall and transforms into liquid, it is also callled condensation.

Transpiration: this is same as sweating in human bodies (called perspiration). same process in plants/trees also.  Transpiration is the word used for plants. It is the evaporation of fluids (water) from under the skin surface through vents. During this process, the fluid takes energy from the body to transform into vapor. So it cools the body

Evaporation: The process of conversion of a liquid into vapour ( gas) withourt necessarily reaching the boiling point is known as Evaporation
Condensation: The process in which vapour is changed into liquid is known as condensation.
Transpiration: Transpiration is the process by which the water moves in plant and it's evaporation through the stomata