Victoria Slater is truly attached to her Grandpa. As she sees the elders in her family quarrel over the inheritance, she is bewildered and upset by their attitude. As Victoria write a diary entry outlining the incident and your feelings. in study zone it is short. i need this for my exams preparation.



25th march 2016
10.30 AM
Dear Diary, Today was the saddest day I have ever experienced. In the morning, when I was playingon the streets, my mother called me and shouted on me angrily for being so cheerfulwhen my grandfather was dead in the morning. The news of my grandfather shockedme. I was sad to hear that. I saw grandfather early morning today going to the church. Iwas definitely sad for the grandfather‟s death by the behavior of elderly people in myfamily made me sadder. I saw that these elders are more concerned about thegrandfather‟s property. They do not want grandfather to leave with them. They feel thatgrandfather is a burden on them. Instead of mourning on the death, my whole family ofelder people were interested in talking about tea and cup cakes, about making creativeobituary, about dividing the things up and about pinching some of the things. Whensuddenly grandfather got up from his motionless sleep, all these elders started behavingas if they care for the grandfather. Their materialistic attitude made them to reveal theirown nature to grandfather. Though finally I was happy that my dearest grandfather isalive, I am sad to see that my own mother, father, uncle and aunt, wanted nograndfather but only his money. This has hurt me beyond repair. 

Victoria Slater 
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