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I was returning home from my classes.Suddenly,I heard a branch of a tree crack.I was pi$$ed.Then,at a distance a cat meowed, dogs howled.The wind suspiciously became very cold.I could hear very soft footsteps pacing towards me.Every time,I would step on a crunchy leaf.My spine got cold.I didnt have the audacity to look back.The penumbra of my life!
How horrible I felt,when the soft foot steps hardened and now were heard like bombs exploding.My heart would stop somewhere for some time.I fastened my faculties and paced faster.That didn't help a bit.My phone rung,one,twice,thrice.I felt my fingers go numb,when i answered the call.It was my Dad,to my relief.He zoomed past me and the next thing- I found myself in my BMW.Sitting cozily in a relaxed position.My dad drove for 5-10 mins,before he stopped before a shop.He went there to get his pills.I didnt know what was taking him so long.Every minute felt like an hour passing.The hour-sand glass was dripping.I brought the window pane down.At a distance I saw a face.It rushed towards me in half of a second.White eyes,black dress,half burnt face.I screamed,but I couldn't hear my scream.I fainted.

When it was raining heavily the street lights  had gone off I was returning home from my five years orison. I had snatched a gold chain from a lady. the gold chain was really valuable. so, I snatched it from her but unfortunately I was caught by a cop and I had to suffer a lot in the jail. I was lucky to get out of the prison soon ( escape from ). when I was walking to wards my home it was dark all around me and I felt that someone was following me from past 10 minutes and then there was a loud thud sound the cycle parked on the road fell down and the stagnant water around the cycle spilled all over me. I could not understand why there were red marks color marks on my shirt instead of the brown muddy color. there was a loud scream from a lady probably following me. I turned back slowly and there I could see a large dark faced lady. the amazing thing was that the lady had only one eye and nothing else on the face. by seeing her face I could not control my laugh and I bust out laughing loud. the lady was a ghost actually but I could not make it out. she followed me till my home. I was not tensed or scared because I don't believe in the ghosts or devil.  
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