Nationalism is  a feeling of emotional oneness to one's mother country.
Nationalism can be equated to the term integrity. You can notice our expression of nationalism when we watch a cricket match because with this spirit the entire country is united in the name of a country.
                         It is no wonder when we say that nationalism is an inner expression of one's feeling in action towards nation It is the duty of the country's citizen to do something to the nation.In the present scenario,many youngsters join the army to render service to the country in the name of nationalism. On the other hand, not only the soldiers but we, the ordinary citizens can also play a role in the welfare of the country. For instance, keeping our colony clean can play a part in our country's welfare.
                       Thus nationalism are the part and parcels.But it is equally depressing when many evils like religion,communalism,and many factors like that had shattered our unity. Thus let us take an oath that we shall enhance our country and form the nation of glory. our fingers shall then be locked in unity, and sharing our motto to proudly sing its praise.
come let's walk hand in hand and contribute to form a wonder land.
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