Before India's independence the lives of commoners were far worse under Britishers rule . The benefits of the independence have reached only a few . Poor class has dominated India & the rich act fine minorities .The rich people who are those in power , getting favourable laws to suit their own benefits . These people who are in power enjoy in a 5 star hotels at tax payer's expense while more than 50 million are starving to death . Our Indian Political System consists of Executive , Legislature & Judiciary which is functioning well though , the corruption has spread like vast sea & acts well like the tentacles of octopus which will ruin the economy of the country , where public servants have become more worse than Britishers . The standard business in Political arena is nothing but criminalisation in politics itself . Politicians who are elected representatives have criminal backgrounds in their past & present may work in future though . According to a survey done more than 20 % of members  of parliament (MP's) of current 15th Loksabha (2009) have several cases pending against them ."In Indian Parliament, 163 members have cases of heinous offences against them " .There are several charges of crime such as murder , attempt to murder , robbery , kidnapping , extortion & land grabbing etc .. its not just violation of IPC section 144 (forming unlawful assembly)  . It is well known that all parties take the help of criminal elements so dominate the election scene in India . The system of democracy is now changing in into the dictatorship of some . Now the democracy is in the hands of criminals who are not capable enough to hold their post in legislature . Politicians are thriving today on the basis of muscle power provided by the criminals . Many politicians choose muscle & financial power to gain vote bank in the bank in the country . The elections for being a member Parliament or State Legislatures is really a costly affair , this is the root cause for corruption in India . A candidate has to spend lakhs to buy a party ticket & spend crores of rupees to victor elections . The total salary of MLA/MP will meagre compared to his election expenses . How do he recover his money back in power ? Publicly through donations & secretly through illegal means . Only criminal activities can generate such large sums of untaxed funds . That's why we have criminals in politics , They have money & muscle power, so they win & help others in their party win as well .
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