(1).distinguish between moist deciduous and dry deciduous forests.(2)describe the ethnic massacre in Kosovo.(3)describe the contribution of green revolution to eradicate the poverty in India.(4)when,where and why did Gandhiji first adopt the dress of lungi and kurta?
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(A) they are found in areas having rainfall in between 100cm and 70cm.
(B)these are found in the rainier parts of the peninsular plateau and the plains of bihar and uttar pradesh.
(C) the important trees are teak , sal , pepal , neem , etc

(A) they are found in areas having rainfall in between 200cm and 100cm.
(B) these are found in the eastern part of the country , northeastern states , along the foothills of the himalayas , jharkand , western odisha and chhattisgarh and on the eastern slopes of the western ghats.
(C) the important trees are teak , bamboos , sal , shisham , sandalwood , khair , etc.

(2)  kosovo was a province of yugoslavia before it split.in th province , the population was overwhelmingly ethic albanian.but in the entire country , serb were in majority.a narrow minded serb nationalist Milosevic had won the election. his government was very hostile to the kosovo albanians.he wanted the serbs to dominate the couuntry. many serb leaders thought that ethic minorities like albanians should either leave the country or accept the dominance of the serbs.massacre of thousands of albanians was being carried out by the army of their own country working under the direction of a leader who came to power through democratic elections.finally , several other countries intervened to stop this massacre.Milosevic lost power and was tried by the international court of justice for crimes against humanity.

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